lunedì 20 aprile 2020

Videorecensione: Play Chopin for me, by Max Vos

Titolo: Play Chopin for me
Autore: Max Vos
Editore: Self
Pagine: 216

La trama: After a devastating fire, Dale Lusk shows up at his sister’s door in nothing but his boxers and a raincoat, desperately needing her help. Losing both his restaurant and home has left Dale without direction or a place to live.
While pushing her handsome brother into a new wardrobe to match his model looks, Chrissie introduces Dale to Al Borkowski. Al is in desperate need of a roommate before his grandmother takes more control of his life. Little did Chrissie know when she pushed the two men together the sparks that would fly and the changes that would happen in all of their lives.

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